Information for Vendors

Cost and Policies

3ft Table

  • Half table
  • Shared with another vendor.
  • Can have an assistant, but cannot both be behind the table at the same time
  • 3x2.5ft of table space

6ft Table

  • Full-size table
  • Have an entire table to yourself
  • Can be shared with an assistant
  • 6x2.5ft of table space

12ft Table

  • Full-size table
  • Have TWO entire tables to yourself
  • Can be shared with an assistant
  • 12x2.5ft of table space

• Electricity will be provided to dealers free of charge. Venue Guest Wi-Fi will be available free of charge in the Dealer’s Den.
• Dealers may also purchase one (1) standard attendee registration at cost for an assistant. Additional registrations should go through the standard registration process.
• Dealers are free to share their table with up to one other dealer. Please keep in mind that the table size for a shared table is the same as a for a single dealer. If you share a table, dealers may still have assistant(s), but keep in mind that the maximum number of people allowed behind a table is two people at any time. If you are intending on or would like to share your table, you must notify the Dealer’s Den Staff at at the time that you submit your application.


1. Abide by all rules and regulations laid out by the AWOO Association, the venue, local laws, and all other regulatory entities.
2. Attend Free Fur All during the dates of the con. By not giving required notice of cancellation, you may incur penalties or fees if AWOO and FFA cannot find someone to take your spot.
3. Dealer’s Den is an open area to con attendees between 10AM and 7PM so we require our businesses to be discrete on any AD items they have by placing a sign out that says something like “ask me about things for adults!”
4. Anyone who is assisting your business needs to be registered on the application ahead of time and that if they are not registered, they will not be allowed to be behind your table to assist.
5. While AWOO and Free Fur All try to keep me and my materials safe, they will not always be successful. As such, AWOO and the venue, as well as their management and staff shall not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged possessions.
6. By breaking any of these rules, businesses may be asked to leave the convention by FFA and AWOO staff and board without refund.


• Artwork and goods of an adult nature are required to be kept separate and discreetly hidden from public view in clearly marked binder or container designating it as NSFW material.
• Artwork and goods that are provided by the dealer must be their own work or they must have the consent of other artists for the artwork and goods that they are selling.
• Artwork and goods should be consistent with the interests of the attendees of Free Fur All and should relate to the anthropomorphic/furry fandom in general.


Dealers can set up in the vendor hall on Thursday night from 4:00pm to 10:00pm and on Friday morning beginning at 8:00am.
Dealers hours:
• Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
• Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
• Sunday: 10:00am – Closing Ceremonies

The hall will close for a 60-minute break every day 3:00pm-4:00pm.


The AWOO Association does not collect any taxes and are not responsible for you collecting taxes. Most, if not all, vendors will not require any Oklahoma Tax ID. Please check with your tax professional to confirm you will not need one. All vendors are responsible for following Oklahoma Tax Code and laws as they apply to them.


Applications for tables are reviewed in the order in which the application is received. Once all tables are filled, a wait list will be established and we will contact you should a table become available.
If you have already pre-registered for the convention and created an account, please use the same account you created when you registered to apply for a dealer’s table. If you have not already pre-registered, you can create a new account and register for the convention at the same time you submit your application for a dealer’s table. You will not be required to pay for your registration or table until you have received a final approval for your dealer’s table application.


If you have received final approval for a dealer’s table and you would like to cancel, you may cancel up until May 27th. If a cancellation request is received by this date you will receive a partial refund for just the cost of the table, not the cost of your registration.  If you would like to cancel your membership in addition to your table, please contact and CC (carbon copy) with your total cancellation request. We will not be able to process cancellation requests after this date.
If you have any any questions, comments, or concerns please contact our vendor hall team.

Free Fur All Vendor Application

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