How to Support Free Fur All

It takes a lot to make Free Fur All happen! We're so thankful for all the communty support and inquiries about how to help. For anyone asking how they can support Free Fur All and the AWOO Association, let us list them all in one place for you!

ATTEND! And Pre-Register Early!

The very best way to support Free Fur All is to attend! If you want to see this event happen, we need all the participants we can find! YOU are what make Free Fur All happen. The earlier everyone pre-registers, the more prepared we can be for the event, We will know how many people will attend and have more funds to put on the convention.

Invite Your Friends!

The best way to get more people to come is to invite your friends! More people will decide to attend because a friend told them about it than because they heard about it on Twitter. Please share Free Fur All with your friends, group chats, and Discord servers! You can link to our website:

Share to Social Media

Social media spread is helpful too! Follow and share content from our social media. Add that you are going to Free Fur All in your bios. You can interact with us on Facebook, Minds, YouTube and Twitch. You can even share about us on Twitter if you are brave or crazy! You can find links to them at the bottom of every page.

Participate in Events

Lots of our events require community participation! Help us make more events happen by hosting a panel or joining one of the stage events.

Consider Joining the AWOO Association

If you want to go beyond just attending and participation, consider joining us. The AWOO Associates are the volunteers that make all this happen. If you understand what we are about and would like to be a part of it, consider becoming an associate. We can always use more great community members! Our events and our organization are based in eastern Oklahoma, but are open to members outside the area as well.

For AWOO Associates: Staff for Free Fur All

All AWOO Associates are encouraged to come be a part of the Free Fur All events. Associates need only contact the lead of any particuar department to join staff. Associates can view the AWOO announcements for details. If you would like to staff for Free Fur All and are not an AWOO Associate, please see the 'Join AWOO' page first.

Support Our Charity

Learn more about Safari's Sanctuary, and donate your volunteer time or financially. The more successful Free Fur All is, the more will be donated to Safari's, but directly contributing is helpful as well.

Vend at Free Fur All

Would you or someone you know like to be a vendor at Free Fur All? Please consider sharing our vendor information with anyone who might be interested. We would love to have you in our vendor hall! We try our best to keep our table costs as low as possible so you can sell more of your arts and merch.

Donate Items

There's a bunch of supplies and equipment we need in order to make Free Fur All happen- everything from A/V equipment and extension cables to paper cups and office supplies. Do you have any of these things we need? We have an Amazon list of supplies we need, and it is updated occasionally.

Financial Contributions

YOU are what make this event happen, far more than money. We would much rather have you attend or participate in some way listed above! Free Fur All will succeed based on if we have enough people attend. But for those who feel exceptionally generous or simply cannot otherwise participate, financial contributions will still help us very much, especially if we encounter difficulties due to hostile individuals. Please note that we cannot contribute donations towards your registration or any other purchase should you choose to register at a later time.